Auth_export mod for minetest

This is an ad-hoc mod written to interface Minetest with Mediawiki (see the mediawiki plugin). It is intended only for usage with the http server bundled with the mediawiki plugin.


To set up your minetest installation to communicate with the minetest server, edit your "minetest.conf":

# enable curl/http on that mod
secure.http_mods = mail
secure.http_mods = auth_export


Bugs are tracked on Hemiptera. Send bugs as an e-mail to MinetestMediawiki@bugs.linux-forks.de


  • Improve architecture – This mod's architecture is rather ugly right now
  • Integrate with various ban mechanisms
  • Add service-specific access rights, such as a "wiki" priv for wiki access, or "nowiki" xban flag to ban access to wiki


This mod is essentially scavenged from the webmail mod by Thomas Rudin.