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masterJapanese train: add wheel positions (first try)orwell9612 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-02-09Japanese train: add wheel positions (first try)HEADmasterorwell96
2021-10-25Coupling: Add coupler type definitionsorwell96
2021-05-13MT 5.x player position fixesMaverick2797
2021-04-25Add license documentsorwell96
2021-03-13Replace deprecated depends.txt's by mod.conf and organize dependencies consis...orwell96
2021-02-19Add some missing craft recipesorwell96
2020-07-25subway trains: display up to two digitsHume2
2020-07-19[BREAKING] Use client-side translations instead of intllib; add zh_CN transla...ywang
2020-03-18Use a standard wagon inventory formspecBlockhead
2020-03-08Get rid of the "Subway Train" item (was an ugly hack anyways, and is obsolete...orwell96