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masterversion number change forgottenOch Noe5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-09-23version number change forgottenHEADmasterOch Noe
2021-09-23added '?' for the viewing direction to wp_shift, by Maverick2797Och Noe
2021-07-21countdown for .bounce - by Mavarick2797Och Noe
2021-07-20'wp_export' addedOch Noe
2021-07-03- ".bounce" addedOch Noe
2021-06-01local variables were not declared as localOch Noe
2021-05-20correction of the y coordinate when teleporting back from .dayOch Noe
2021-05-20nasty bug removed, .day works nowOch Noe
2021-05-20new command: .day teleport to a place and automatically returnOch Noe
2021-05-18wp_fgrep addedOch Noe