Freezer mod for Minetest

This mod introduces a common household item, a ~~plumbus~~ freezer. Aka fridge. Its purpose is to cool things down, chiefly turning water into ice. But it has been expanded to cover other liquids that can be seen in buckets (milk, cactus pulp), and later to cover juices (also introduced in this mod) which can be frozen into popsicles.

[ steel ingot, mese crystal, steel ingot ]
[ steel ingot,             , steel ingot ]
[ steel ingot, mese crystal, steel ingot ]

Further expansion of this mod included dishes where freezing is not just a means to achieve longer storage, but an essential step in prepartaion: pelmeni (Russian dumplings with meat filling from Siberia) and aspic (meat in gelatin coating).


1 bucket of water (regular or river) gets turned into 1 block of ice. This allows to craft smoothies after a chain of simple transformations.

Milk and cactus pulp

Buckets of said liquids can be turned into eskimo icecream (an icecream on a wooden stick, a canonic kind of icecream in the USSR) and a cactus popsicle respectively. Since a whole bucket is used, the yield is 3 items.

The buckets are returned empty after use. The popsicles leave a fancy stick behind after being eaten.

Juices and popsicles

Fruits, berries, and some vegetables can be squeezed into a glass (from vessels mod) using a shapeless recipe. The resulting product can be consumed as it is, or can be frozen into colorful popsicles (1 glass yields 1 popsicle).

The buckets and glasses are returned empty after use (or consumption of beverages). The popsicles leave a fancy stick behind after being eaten.


Classical aspic is basically meat in gelatin of animal origin. Freezing is very important in preparation of this dish, allowing it to settle down through congelation and hold shape. While a lot of aspic varieties are known, and basically anything could be seen in one (some not even using animal products, with only the gelatin coating being indicative of what they are), we offer one of the simplest recipes. A bone (ethereal), a piece of raw meat (mobs) and a bucket of water produce a bucket of broth. When placed in the freezer, this bucket turns into 5 portions of aspic, each restoring 6 hp. The broth can be consumed, too, but with very small gain (3 hp), so freezing it is definitely a must.


Pelmeni are a variety of dumplings from Russia, which are traditionally frozen after being formed. The raw pelmeni are made with 1 piece of meat from mobs_redo and 3 units of flour from farming. When frozen, they turn into packs of frozen pelmeni. Finally, such a pack should be cooked in a furnace to get the final product. Save for the cooked product, the two intermediate stages are nigh inedible (1), whereas the cooked pelmeni are very nutritious (10). As with aspic, this is done intentionally to encourage players to use the freezer, and not consume the half-prepared food.


The freezer is pipeworks compatible. All incoming items are places into the source inventory, and attempts to take items return the contents of the destination inventory. The direction of pipe connections is irrelevant.

The founder

The mod was founded by gpcf, and can be seen at git://gpcf.eu/freezer.git. This is a fork thereof.