Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Add mouse coordinate display to bottom leftdevMarkus Koch2020-06-14
* Fix indentationMarkus Koch2020-06-11
* Fix button behavior in editorMarkus Koch2020-05-08
* Add vector data only mode (map none)Markus Koch2020-05-06
* Add directions support through lifo-dijkstraservMarkus Koch2020-05-05
* Add waterway symbolsMarkus Koch2020-05-05
* Make street label collision flag a functionMarkus Koch2020-05-05
* Fix property name check in streetlabelsMarkus Koch2020-05-05
* Merge branch 'dev' of into devMarkus Koch2020-05-02
| * Extract categories, description, and thumbnail from rendered HTML pagesMarkus Koch2020-04-30
* | Clean up links, open links in new tabMarkus Koch2020-04-27
* Merge branch 'dev' of into devMarkus Koch2020-04-27
| * Ignore districts for nowMarkus Koch2020-04-26
* | Add categories for markersMarkus Koch2020-04-27
* Optimize font sizes for city outlinesMarkus Koch2020-04-26
* Add optional markers for direct location linksMarkus Koch2020-04-26
* Add script to update all Maps:-based jsonsMarkus Koch2020-04-26
* Update gitignore to exclude .json files in scripts/Markus Koch2020-04-26
* Move Maps:-based scripts to separate directoryMarkus Koch2020-04-26
* Properly quote in fetch scriptsMarkus Koch2020-04-26
* Trigger update_street_width functionality only on streetsMarkus Koch2020-04-26
* Give cities, towns, and villages different font sizesMarkus Koch2020-04-26
* Change title and footerMarkus Koch2020-04-25
* Correct instructionsMarkus Koch2020-04-25
* Fix restart through clearing the coordinate listMarkus Koch2020-04-25
* Press escape in the editor to stop drawingMarkus Koch2020-04-25
* Add editor stylingMarkus Koch2020-04-25
* Fix search behaviorMarkus Koch2020-04-25
* Fix coordinate order on popover, clean up resolve_latlngMarkus Koch2020-04-25
* Add city outline fetcher scriptMarkus Koch2020-04-25
* Remove necessity for php tile resolution scriptMarkus Koch2020-04-25
* Add tile ID conversion php fileMarkus Koch2020-04-25
* Clean upMarkus Koch2020-04-25
* Add polygons (city outlines) to search resultsMarkus Koch2020-04-25
* Add basic support for city outlinesMarkus Koch2020-04-25
* Add editor mode for polygonsMarkus Koch2020-04-20
* Fix searh for terms and results including HTML charsMarkus Koch2020-04-20
* Update street width depending on zoom levelMarkus Koch2020-04-20
* Render labels for polygonsMarkus Koch2020-04-20
* Do not show label on path for polygonsMarkus Koch2020-04-20
* Scale street labels depending on zoom levelMarkus Koch2020-04-20
* Automatically disable anti-aliasing on high zoom levelsHEADmasterMarkus Koch2020-04-20
* Remove debug codeMarkus Koch2020-04-19
* Highlight search result streets in redMarkus Koch2020-04-19
* Add street names to searchMarkus Koch2020-04-19
* Import L.LabelTextCollision.js and ctxtextpath.js into repoMarkus Koch2020-04-19
* editor: Center on object after loading new coordsMarkus Koch2020-04-19
* leaflet-streets: Improve orientation detection for street namesMarkus Koch2020-04-19
* Include Leaflet.streetlabels.js in repositoryMarkus Koch2020-04-19
* Fix x/y axis in get_current_location_strMarkus Koch2020-04-19