Display Modpack

Version 1.2.2

This modpack provides mods with dynamic display. Mods are :

  • display_api: A library for adding display entities to nodes;
  • font_api: A library for displaying fonts on entities;
  • signs_api: A library for the easy creation of signs;
  • font_metro: A font mod used as default font (includes uppercase, lowercase and accentuated latin letters, usual signs, cyrillic and greek letters)

  • boards: A mod providing school boards (includes tiny cursive font, a handwriting style font);

  • ontime_clocks: A mod providing clocks which display the ingame time;
  • signs: A mod providing signs and direction signs displaying text;
  • signs_road: A mod providing road signs displaying text;
  • steles: A mod providing stone steles with text;

For more information, see the forum topic at the Minetest forums.

Presentation image of Display_Modpack

Extra fonts

Metro and Tiny Cursive fonts are provided in Display Modpack (in font_metro and boards mods) but you can add more fonts by installing font mods. Be aware that each font mod comes with numerous textures. This can result in slowing media downloading and/or client display.

Extra font mods can be found here: * OldWizard: An old style gothic font. * Botic: A scifi style font.


2018-12-02 (Version 1.2.2)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Display API from working on some systems (Raspberry Pi)

2018-11-01 (Version 1.2.1)

  • Now font can be chosen per sign / stele

2018-11-01 (Version 1.2)

  • Labels and woodend signs added.

  • Fallback mechanism for missing chars (For example: "é" --> "e" --> "E").

  • Several bug fixes by 12Me21 and naturefreshmilk.

2018-07-16 (Version 1.1.1)

  • Boards mod added.

  • Bug fix in default font chosing when multiple font registered.

2018-07-13 (Version 1.1.0)

  • Font API rework introducing Font class.

  • Replaced default Epilepsy Font by Metro Font for licensing purposes,

  • Rework of all nodes displaying text accordingly to the Font API rework.

As font_epilepsy mod has been replaced by font_metro mod, don't forget to activate font_metro mod after updating or you won't have any text displayed.

2018-05-30 (Version 1.0.1)

Mostly bug fixes :

  • Fix steles orientation when placing

  • Update entity on mapblock load

  • Use default formspec style

  • Fix ndef nill value in steles mod when technics not installed

  • Seperate signs API from signs définitions

  • Allow a greater offset between display and block

2018-01-13 (Version 1.0)

  • Switch to Epilepsy font by KREATIVE SOFTWARE

  • Add settings "default_font"

  • Add horizontal alignment

  • Add tool for creating font textures from .ttf font files

  • Fix UTF 8 to Unicode decoding

  • Updated forum thread link in README.md


This change is a preparation to merge Andrzej Pieńkowski fork (apienk) : new font and support of UTF chars.

  • Font_lib support for multiple fonts (nothing yet visible in mods) ;

  • Font_lib support for Unicode characters (limited to Unicode Plane 0: 0000-FFFF, see Wikipedia) ;

  • New "default" font with original textures from Vanessa Ezekowitz (VanessaE) ;


  • Compatibility of signs mod with signs_lib (thanks to gpcf) ;

  • Added large banner in road signs (thanks to gpcf) ;


  • Changed signs from wallmounted to facedir to improve textures and make it possible to use screwdriver. IMPORTANT : Map will be updated to change to new nodes but inventory items will turn into "Unknown items" and have to be re-crafted.

  • Intllib support added with french translation (whole modpack, thanks to fat115) ;

  • Punch on nodes to update entity (signs, signs_road and steles). Usefull in case of /clearobjects ;

  • Changed wooden direction sign textures (signs) ;

  • Added back and side textures to all signs (road_signs) ;

  • Added more sign types : White/yellow/green signs and direction signs (signs_road) ;