hemiptera.gitsimple bugtracker3 weeks
Minetest mods
advtrains.gitAdvtrains mod for minetest.orwell10 days
advtrains_construction_train.gitConstruction train for minetest.5 months
advtrains_freight_train.gitFreight train for minetest5 months
advtrains_platform.gitMore platforms for advtrainsOch_Noe4 weeks
apartment.gitrentable apartments mod for minetest5 months
areas.gitareas mod for minetest5 months
atm.gitAtm mod for minetest, works with the currency mod's minegeld.5 months
bakedclay.gitBaked clay mod for minetest5 months
banish.gitJail evil players in minetest5 months
bonemeal.gitBonemeal mod for minetest5 months
canned_food.gitCanned Food mod for minetest4 months
colour_chat.gitColour chat for minetest
cottages.gitcottages mod for minetest4 months
craftguide.gitcrafting guidebook and sign for minetest5 months
currency.gitcurrency mod for minetest5 months
digtron.gitmodular tbm mod for minetest5 months
display_modpack.gitDisplay Modpack for Minetest5 months
drawers.gitdrawers mod for minetest5 months
ehlphabet.gitAlphabet blocks mod for minetest5 months
elevator.gitReal-time elevator for Minetest5 months
engrave.gitset tool descriptions for minetest5 months
ethereal.gitadditional biomes for minetest5 months
farebox.gitFarebox and faregate mod for minetest5 months
farming.gitfarming redo mod for minetest5 months
feedlot.gitFeedlot mod for minetest4 months
freezer.gitFreezer mod for minetest8 weeks
glass_stained.gitstained glass for minetest5 months
intlib.giti18n library for minetest
lrfurn.gitliving room furniture for minetest
mail.gitingame e-mail for minetest
mailbox.gitmailboxes for minetest
maple.gitmaple mod for minetest5 months
markers.gitmarkers to mark areas in minetest
mesecons.gitsemiconductors mod for minetest
minetest-hbhunger.gitHBhunger mod for minetest.5 months
minetest.gitminetest5 months
minetestmapper.gitMapper for minetest5 months
mobs_animal.gitanimals for minetest
mobs_redo.gitmobs redo engine for minetest
mobs_water.gitwater-dwelling animals for minetest
moreblocks.gitMore Blocks for minetest. Fixed usable versionOch_Noe7 days
moreores.gitmore ores for minetest
pathv7.gitpaths for mapgen v7
pipeworks.gitItem transport systems for minetest
pkarcs.gitArches for minetest5 months
places.gitTeleport to common places4 months
poshud.gitMinetest mod: Poshudorwell9 days
railroad_paraphernalia.gitRailroad stuff mod
screwdriver.gitAdditional screwdrivers for minetest5 months