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masterSpeed and distance to brake before target now in constantsOch Noe18 hours
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18 hoursSpeed and distance to brake before target now in constantsHEADmasterOch Noe
2020-02-02Limit the speed near the target posititionOch Noe
2018-09-27Add screenshot.Beha
2018-09-25Fix saving, add mod.conf. Closes #7.Beha
2018-09-25Merge pull request #5 from CloudyProton/patch-1Beha
2018-05-21Do not show floor set label option to non-ownersCloudyProton
2017-12-05Merge pull request #3 from CloudyProton/patch-1Beha
2017-12-04Add missing default dependency craft recipesCloudyProton
2017-06-07Update README.mdBeha