AuthMinetest.gitMinetest Authentication plugin for MediaWikigpcf15 months
JR_E231series_modpack.gitJR E231 for minetestgit repository hosting7 months
advprofiler.gitAdvtrains profilerorwell7 months
advtrains.gitAdvtrains mod for minetest.orwell3 days
advtrains_construction_train.gitConstruction train for minetest.gpcf18 months
advtrains_netmapper.gitAdvtrains svg rail map generatororwell10 hours
advtrains_platform.gitMore platforms for advtrainsOch_Noe11 months
apartment.gitrentable apartments mod for minetestgpcf17 months
atm.gitAtm mod for minetest, works with the currency mod's minegeld.gpcf5 months
auth_export.gitMinetest mod to export authentication to external servicesgpcf4 months
banish.gitJail evil players in minetestgpcf17 months
beerchat.gitBeer Chat mod for minetestgpcf2 months
billboard.gitbillboard mod for minetestgpcf4 months
bvg-grabber.gitQuerying the upcoming public transport departures in Berlingpcf
colour_chat.gitColour chat for minetestoch_noe6 weeks
cs_waypoints.gitClient-side waypoints mod for minetestoch_noe13 days
currency.gitcurrency mod for minetestgpcf4 months
display_modpack.gitDisplay Modpack for Minetestorwell5 months
drawers.gitdrawers mod for minetestgpcf
ehlphabet.gitAlphabet blocks mod for minetestgit repository hosting3 months
elevator.gitReal-time elevator for Minetestgpcf2 months
engrave.gitset tool descriptions for minetestorwell
farebox.gitFarebox and faregate mod for minetestgpcf18 months
feedlot.gitFeedlot mod for minetestgpcf4 days
flintwater.gitFlint water mod for minetestgpcf8 weeks
freezer.gitFreezer mod for minetestgpcf18 months
glass_stained.gitstained glass for minetestgpcf18 months
gpcfhw.gitUseful macros and LaTeX class for math homeworkgpcf17 months
hangglider.githangglider mod for minetestgit repository hosting9 months
hemiptera.gitsimple bugtrackergpcf18 months
homefurn.gitFurniture mod for MinetestOch_Noe
kebab.gitDöner Kebab for Minetestgpcf18 months
lifomapserver.gitmap server for linuxforksm42uko2 months
linetrack.gittransport means tracking linesgpcf7 months
lrfurn.gitliving room furniture for minetestgit repository hosting
mail.gitingame e-mail for minetestgit repository hosting
mailbox.gitmailboxes for minetestgpcf17 months
mensa.gitMenu fetcher for several canteens around Berlin's universitiesgpcf18 months
minetest.gitminetest used on LinuxForksgpcf
moreblocks.gitMore Blocks for minetest. Fixed usable versionOch_Noe5 hours
pgf-pie.gitPie charts for TikZgpcf17 months
pkarcs.gitArches for minetestgpcf17 months
places.gitTeleport to common placesgpcf4 months
poshud.gitMinetest mod: Poshudorwell10 months
sandbox.gitSandbox repo to test this installationgit repository hosting
signs_lib.gitsigns with text for minetestorwell5 months
smartshop.gitSmartshop mod, improvedgpcf7 weeks
tnt.gitTNT mod for minetestgpcf
trainblocks.gitvarious useful blocks for railways in minetestgit repository hosting
walkway.gitmoving walkway for minetestgpcf17 months