BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteradded templating, Version 0.4.1Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-09-18added templating, Version 0.4.1HEADmasterGabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-09-03Cleanup, bump version to 0.4Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-08-28Added option for position, radius and distances, more pluginsGabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-03-12fixed satyam handler, changed url in package descriptionGabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-03-06--no-parallel option to fix studentenwerk behaviour, option to show only stu...Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-03-01Bumped version to 0.3, added html formatterGabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2017-10-26Fixed error handlingGabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2017-10-10Added setup.py file for easy installationGabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2017-10-10Moved stuff to a module folder, preparing for setuptoolsGabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2017-10-04Added mechanism for various output formatsGabriel Pérez-Cerezo