BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devAdd mouse coordinate display to bottom leftMarkus Koch3 weeks
feature/configurable_geojsonAdd script to fetch ALL pages with coordinatesMarkus Koch3 months
masterAutomatically disable anti-aliasing on high zoom levelsMarkus Koch2 months
signalsadd feature to show signals and their routesGabriel PĂ©rez-Cerezo10 hours
ywang-patchAdd the map source that I personally useywang4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-20Automatically disable anti-aliasing on high zoom levelsHEADmasterMarkus Koch
2020-04-19Remove debug codeMarkus Koch
2020-04-19Highlight search result streets in redMarkus Koch
2020-04-19Add street names to searchMarkus Koch
2020-04-19Import L.LabelTextCollision.js and ctxtextpath.js into repoMarkus Koch
2020-04-19editor: Center on object after loading new coordsMarkus Koch
2020-04-19leaflet-streets: Improve orientation detection for street namesMarkus Koch
2020-04-19Include Leaflet.streetlabels.js in repositoryMarkus Koch
2020-04-19Fix x/y axis in get_current_location_strMarkus Koch
2020-04-19editor: Add reverse backwards drawing mode and improve the reset handlerMarkus Koch