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masterrecipes for the three permafrost nodes from defaultOch Noe4 hours
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4 hoursrecipes for the three permafrost nodes from defaultHEADmasterOch Noe
5 dayssmall mistake correctedOch Noe
5 daysadditional colours for tinted glassOch Noe
2020-05-12new node: bright_glow_glassOch Noe
2020-04-27feature request: craft stone tile by putting 2x2 compressed cobble in the cra...Och Noe
2020-02-17fixed problemOch Noe
2020-02-16minimap_shapes are now workingOch Noe
2020-01-16correctionsOch Noe
2020-01-09unneeded fileOch Noe
2020-01-09new tinted glass added - for testingOch Noe