BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteradded patch from SmallJokerGabriel Pérez-Cerezo18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-07-11added patch from SmallJokerHEADmasterGabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-05-25Fixed wrong description.Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-05-13added report on globalstep, add sample munin pluginGabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-05-10add shop count to reportGabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-05-10added function to add reportGabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-05-10remove syntax errorGabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-05-10add lbm to add smartshops to statsGabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-05-10fixed bug (division by nil, zero division, number of items not clearing); cli...Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-05-10added ability for statistics on shops (itemcount being sold, average price)Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo
2018-01-20Fixed crash when smartshop position unknownGabriel Pérez-Cerezo