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* Route Formspec: When cancelling route, disable ARS only temporarily, not perm...HEADmasterorwell963 hours
* Coupler types: Better output when there are no couplers on a wagonorwell9626 hours
* Coupling: Add concept of coupler types, allow coupling only when coupler type...orwell9627 hours
* Train Coupling: Change behavior so that train direction of initiating train i...orwell9627 hours
* Disable position-based collision and coupling system for very short trains (s...orwell962021-07-07
* Rework train same-track collision system and deterministic couplingorwell962021-07-07
* Shutdown callback: don't save advtrains save files when MT crashed within adv...orwell962021-07-07
* Make the collision mode configurableGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2021-06-30
* Train-World collisions: Collide only with 'normal'-drawtype nodes.orwell962021-06-29
* Entity Damage: Correct sign entity nameorwell962021-06-29
* Trains splitting: retain important properties (door state, line, texts etc)orwell962021-05-22
* Serialization: strip trailing \r also in nodedb callbackrelease-2.3.1orwell962021-05-07
* Merge commit 'd4593491efbcab47efd918d7918b97b4621828b3'orwell962021-05-03
| * Strip trailing \r's also for first and last lineorwell962021-05-03
| * Make strict loading the defaultorwell962021-05-03
| * Strip trailing \r from lines (possibly fixes windows migration)orwell962021-05-03
* | Deregister player from train on death in all cases (fixes #119)release-2.3.0orwell962021-04-25
* | Prevent splitting trains when they're off track (fixes #178)orwell962021-04-25
* | Hopefully fix #177orwell962021-04-25
* | Fix undeclared globals warnings (#176)orwell962021-04-25
* | Add check for box inventoryGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2021-04-11
* | Add /at_whereis command to check the position of a train.Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo2021-04-10
* | Update serialize_liborwell962021-04-04
|\ \ | |/
| * Open files in binary mode; also serialize carriage returnorwell962021-04-04
| * Add documentation and licenseorwell962021-03-22
| * Fix init.lua functions to do what is documented on errororwell962021-03-22
* | Remove sounds = default.sound_stone_defaults() as default is no longer a depe...orwell962021-04-04
* | Make mesecons_switch a proper optional dependency (H#175)Blockhead2021-03-31
* | Increase size of LuaATC code input forms to 15x12 unitsorwell962021-03-22
* | Remove "Last punched" from LuaATC init code fshlqkj2021-03-22
* | Rework route ui formspec layouthlqkj2021-03-22
* | Rework active_common formspec layouthlqkj2021-03-22
* | Rework envsetup formspec layouthlqkj2021-03-22
* | Use mono font to ATC rail command fieldshlqkj2021-03-22
* | Rework stoprail formspec layout and add mono stylehlqkj2021-03-22
* | Do not return early after setting station info on stop railBlockhead2021-03-22
* | Do not crash when operating signals without interlockingBlockhead2021-03-22
* | Add 'serialize_lib/' from commit 'a6e8b8b4353863ad563a4d5187f40fea702ea2de'orwell962021-03-13
|\ \ | |/
| * mod.conf: Add more information about the mod, not just the nameorwell962021-03-13
| * add unit tests for serialize_libGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2021-01-31
| * Fix serialisation: breach of contract, file left openBlockhead2021-01-18
| * Fix atomic saving on windows when save file does not existorwell962021-01-17
| * Some more serializer fixes (backported from new_lzb):orwell962021-01-12
| * serialize_lib: Allow empty strings in keyorwell962021-01-12
| * Serialize_lib: finish up and add atomic apiorwell962021-01-12
| * Implement basic serialization and file openingorwell962021-01-12
* Remove serialize_lib in order to re-add it as subtreeorwell962021-03-13
* Replace deprecated depends.txt's by mod.conf and organize dependencies consis...orwell962021-03-13
* Signal influence points: Make sure to clear on removal of signal, clear orpha...orwell962021-03-12
* Track can-dig check: also notify user when digging is not allowedorwell962021-03-12