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* Automatically group wagons and locomotives based on definition valuesMaverick27972021-12-29
* Rework train same-track collision system and deterministic couplingorwell962021-07-07
* Fix undeclared globals warnings (#176)orwell962021-04-25
* Replace deprecated object:getxxx()/setxxx() by get_xxx()/set_xxx()orwell962021-02-10
* Add global slowdown factor instead of hard dtime limitingorwell962021-02-10
* Add IGNORE_WORLD mode to test using only the advtrains save dataorwell962021-02-10
* Fix HUD position and Remote Routesetting buttonorwell962021-02-10
* Fix lots of things around new LZBorwell962021-02-10
* Remove pcall wrappers completely, add command to disable advtrains mainlooporwell962021-02-10
* Implement a LZB speed lookup table for the path and rewrite velocity controlsorwell962021-02-10
* Disable ARS train flag and surrounding usesorwell962021-02-10
* Discard get_node_or_nil() for area-loaded check and use either a distance-bas...orwell962021-02-03
* Add ATC "K" commandGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2021-01-07
* Workaround to destroy looping soundsBlockhead2020-11-02
* Remove couple entities when out of range from playersGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2020-10-12
* Remove last files with CR-LF line endings.Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo2020-10-11
* Don't allow wagons with non-empty inventories to be destroyed (H#164)orwell962020-10-07
* localize split function to prevent conflicts with the builtin oneGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2020-09-04
* Escape fields in wagon properties (H#158)orwell962020-09-04
* Fix seating_from_key_helper: use pname instead of player:get_player_name()Relatio2020-08-27
* Add function to step through freight codesGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2020-07-26
* add split_train_at_fc luaatc commandGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2020-07-26
* add Freightcodes to wagon properties formspecGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2020-07-26
* Do not unload wagons when a player that is logged in sits in itrelease-2.1.3orwell962020-07-26
* Fix error in workaround causing train entities to despawn.Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo2020-07-19
* Add workaround to unload wagons that are too far away from playersorwell962020-07-12
* Fix access control to wagon propertiesBlockhead2020-06-29
* Merge branch 'wagon_prop_formspec' of https://github.com/Montandalar/advtrainsGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2020-06-08
| * Remove debugging print statementBlockhead2020-04-12
| * Add road numbers to wagon properties, bordcomBlockhead2020-04-07
| * Show the wagon properties button only to the ownerBlockhead2020-03-18
| * Use a standard wagon inventory formspecBlockhead2020-03-18
* | Fix trains flipping when autocouplingGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2020-06-08
* Apply minetest.formspec_escape() to prevent formspec injection (H#143)MT0.4Blockhead2020-01-04
* Allow painting coupled wagonsGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2019-12-01
* Merge branch 'master' of https://git.bananach.space/advtrainsGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2019-12-01
| * Fix trains not stopping when colliding with environment H#122orwell962019-11-26
* | Add experimental liveries featureGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2019-12-01
* Add wagon_width attributeGabriel Pérez-Cerezo2019-11-22
* Fix occurences of old lzb_invalidateorwell962019-04-23
* Fix remote routesettingorwell962019-04-16
* Move LZB system to core and unify approach callback mechanismorwell962019-04-16
* Set wagon pitch on slopesPedro Gimeno2019-04-06
* Configurable interval for get_off setpos and door pos fix for japanese trainorwell962019-03-09
* Force LZB Halt settingorwell962019-02-05
* Fix dropping of items on wagon destroyorwell962019-01-22
* Add "routingcode" propertyorwell962019-01-09
* Fix player_to_train_mapping (H#74)orwell962018-12-16
* Fix 144e1fc4e01741f8cdd5a579ae84cde85c420d78 (there's no self in one of the i...orwell962018-12-10
* Change get_inventory_formspec API - add invname parameterorwell962018-12-10